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Young Justice fic

So I think it's about time I updated my LJ with some of the fic I've written over the past few years (not that anybody's reading, but I'd like to have them archived here as well).

Young Justice is currently the fandom of my heart. I write predominantly hurt/comfort, team and friendship stories; most of them will be Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson-centric, and will usually feature Wally/Kid Flash quite heavily as well. I just really love their friendship so expect to see a lot of that in my stories (but I suppose you could also view it as (pre)-birdflash if you wanted).

Devotion (Daddy!bats, team-friendship)
Robin has been kidnapped and Batman races to rescue him, learning something new about the Young Justice team in the process. (~9000 words)
ffnet I AO3

Entrust (Dick/Wally friendship or pre-birdflash)
Robin and Kid Flash have only recently become friends. While accompanying their mentors and Superman on a mission, they defy Batman's orders and go off on their own. Naturally, things don't go as well as planned. (~9000 words)
ffnet I AO3

Remembrance (Daddy!bats)
Bruce goes to visit the site of his parents' murder in Crime Alley but refuses to bring Dick along for fear of something bad happening to him. Dick, of course, goes anyway. (~4500 words)
ffnet I AO3

Fear (Dick/Wally friendship or pre-birdflash)
While on a stake-out together, Robin and Kid Flash have a frightening run-in with Scarecrow. (~19,000 words)
ffnet I AO3

ETA: Wow, I do not remember LJ being so hard to post anything to! It keeps messing up my fonts and colours! What the heck did they do to this site?

Happy holidays!

To everyone on my f-list:


Merry Christmas bulbs


Fandom stocking!

Yay, fandom_stocking 2012 is live! For those of you not in the know, it's a sort of fest where you can submit your stocking (wishlist) so others can "fill" it. You can fill other people's stockings by commenting with fic, icons, holiday wishes, etc. You're not obligated to fill anyone's stocking when you post your own wishlist, but it would be nice, of course ;o) Also, you can fill people's stockings when you haven't posted a wish list of your own.

All stockings are tagged by fandom, which makes it easier to find stockings to fill. They're still posting stockings (mine's here) and sorting tags, so keep checking back. Rules, etc. at the link in case you'd like to participate, and you can still sign up here. It's being hosted on Dreamwidth this year rather than on LJ, but you can easily sign in with Open IDs.

I have no idea where I'm going to find the time to fill people's stockings, but I've been looking forward to this event all year because it's just so much fun to take a look at other people's stockings and see if I can leave them a present, even if it's just a tiny little thing :o) I'm hoping to be able to write a few short stories or drabbles at least, but we'll see.

I'm just excited that Christmas is now officially underway! :oD

So. Flashpoint.

I haven't been around in a while. I've been very busy with school, teaching  and other stuff lately to do much more than keep up with my f-list. But now I'm finally on my autumn break (yay!), which means I've got some time to catch up on things I've missed.

So, Flashpoint!
Flashpoint and other stuffCollapse )

End of freedom

Tomorrow it's back to school with me. *siiiiiiighs* I can't believe my 8 weeks of summer break are over! And what have I got to show for it fandom-wise? Nothing! ACK!

Granted, it's not like I spent those weeks loitering about picking my nose; the fact that I didn't have anything college-related going on doesn't mean that I didn't have to work or anything. I worked quite a lot and then I also had a translation to do and some promo texts to edit. My free time I mostly spent reading (Hardy Boys fic -- my very first fandom) and catching up with friends who I'd neglected for the past year or so. So it's not like those weeks weren't well-spent, but still! I had so many writing plans and they all amounted to nothing! *pouts* I just couldn't find the right headspace for it and I didn't have inspiration anyway. Chances are that once Flashpoint S5 kicks off (20 September - mark your calenders!), I'll find myself getting obsessed enough to start writing again, only I probably won't have time to work on much. It's gonna be a crazy first semester at college, so I don't know if I'll be around much at all, but I'll try to keep up.

Having said that, I've decided to try and write at least 50 words of fanfic a day to get the creative juices flowing. Doesn't matter which fandom or what story, as long as I write something. Hopefully 50 words a day will prove to be an achievable enough target even when I'm drowning in assignments and projects and stuff. We'll see!

And now I will leave you with a few spoilers for the new Flashpoint season! Under the cut ;o)

Spoilers!Collapse )

First Flashpoint season 5 promo! EEEEEE!!!

Okay, so the quality's not very good, but new footage! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

It's not really spoilery, since everything goes by very fast and it's hard to tell what's going on, but it certainly looks like there's gonna be some bad stuff happening!

See, this is what I needed to get excited about the show again! Let the speculation begin ;o)

Meme time! :oD

Choose your top 5 shows:


Criminal Minds

Ronin Warriors (yeah, so it's an anime; it's still a TV show! ;o))

Stargate Atlantis


MemeCollapse )


I'm alive!

Hello! :o)

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted! Uni's pretty much been eating my time as well as my brain for the past few...well, months, really. And I should be studying for my exam and assessment next week right now, but I decided to take the day off to try and do some catching up.

So, hi! :o) How the heck is everyone?

I'm really looking forward to the summer hols, which, for me, start next Friday. Woohooo! There's SO MUCH I want to do when I finally get some time to relax! Most of all, I want to get back into writing and I've even signed up for hc_bingo in hopes it'll give me the push and inspiration I need to write and finish fic again. My card:

My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

*bounces!* I'm excited! (and also kinda worried that I won't be able to even fill one square...;o)) Got a lot of different fandoms in mind, too! EEEEEEE!!

There's this 100 things meme going around that I'd like to do something with too. Somebody on my f-list is doing 100 favourite scenes in books, TV-shows, movies, etc. and I'd love to do something similar. Gonna think on that a little more.

Also, I have a new obsession: Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds ;o) I've never been into Criminal Minds because of all the gore and gruesome murders (I like whump, but I draw the line at chopped off limbs and guts getting ripped out all over the place..), but then as I was working on one of my reports, I caught an ep where the brilliant, but awkward young Dr. Reid was kidnapped and tortured and, well, I was sold! LOL! What I love about Reid is that he's so vulnerable and therefore highly whumpable. Also, he's the youngest on the team and since the team's  one big family, they all feel very protective of him, which, yeah, pretty much pushes all my buttons! ;o) 

Spencer ReidCollapse )

Tell me, does he not just radiate vulnerability? ;o)

Anyway, I still don't like the gruesomeness of the show, so I'm just going to filter for Reid/teamy eps and skip to the good parts ;o) As soon as my assessment's over, that is.

Of course, this doesn't mean I've forgotten about Flashpoint (or RW, for that matter)! It's just that there's been too little in the way of spoilers and stuff for the new season to really sustain my obsession. And I suppose it's kind of a good thing or I would've been far more devastated by the news of the show ending with season 5 than I am now. Also, having something else to fan on makes the long wait for the new season (and for New Ally in the case of RW...;o)) so much more bearable ;o)

Next Friday is the start of my summer break. Expect to hear more from me very soon! :o)

Bright spot

So yes, still very, very sad about Flashpoint ending after this season, BUT there's a bright spot!

Spike/Sergio's doing a crossover episode of The Listener (spoilers for the episode)!


Spoilers...Collapse )

Well. That sucks: Flashpoint is ending.

So, season 5 is going to be Flashpoint's last.

CTV’s FLASHPOINT To Conclude With Upcoming Fifth Season

Which, of course, absolutely sucks buckets. *sighs* I finally fall in love with a show that I'm actually able to write fanfic for and then it's CANCELLED!!! Though not cancelled, technically, since it was apparently the producers themselves wanting to go out on a high note and not the network, but it boils down to the same thing.

I guess I'm lucky that I've been a little wrapped up in one of my older fandoms lately, so the news hasn't hit me as hard as it would have if I'd still been in total Flashpoint obsession mode right now (and I'm sure I'll get back into that mode sooner or later), but it still sucks big time.